our Parent Teacher Association seeks to support the educational goals of the school and enrich the educational life of each and every student at Caraway. We do that by providing classroom tools and books, paying for field trips and supporting extracurricular clubs to further learning. We raise the money to do this in a number of ways. 


The Giving Tree is Caraway’s solution to the good old-fashioned fundraiser. PTAs have historically raised money by providing a fund- raising package to every child in the school, usually wrapping paper or chocolate bars. The children would sell these things door-to-door and to extended family, with the help of their parents, to bring extra funds into the school. The parents and PTA members found it to be tedious and overwhelming. To avoid this, we created The Giving Tree Fundraiser (formerly Give A Hoot Campaign). As a school, we deter- mined that if each family agreed to donate $60 per child, that would save us the hassle and the headache of traditional fundraising cam- paigns, while still supporting the goals of the school. Our Giving Tree Fundraiser will create an opportunity for you to help us reach those goals. Every leaf you buy helps create an opportunity for us to enrich your child. In addition, if you have the ability to donate beyond your children, we welcome and appreciate your generosity.


We have two major fundraising events, The Giving Tree and Caraway City Limits. These are great events that allow us to enjoy ourselves as a community, get to know each other better and also raise money for the school. Harvest Festival is in the fall and is chock full of food, games and fun activities for the kids. Caraway City Limits is in the spring and is a great celebration of our community’s gifts. There are raffles for the kids that allow them to bid with tickets on great teacher events (such as ice cream with friends, movie with the teacher, etc.) and baskets with great toys and games. There is also a silent auction for the adults. We reach out to our community partners to provide goods and services that we auction to raise money for our PTA programming, like rowing lessons, pottery and photography services.