our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) seeks to support the educational goals of the school and enrich the educational life of each and every student at Caraway. We do that by providing classroom tools and books, paying for field trips and supporting extracurricular clubs to further learning. We raise the money to do this in a number of ways.


In short, we use it to enrich the educational experience of your chil- dren. We provide fun community events for you and your children (such as Science Night and International Festival). We organize after school clubs for enrichment, we buy books and materials for the class- rooms and pay for field trips. We bring in writers, provide equipment for PE & musical instruments, bring in reptile shows and petting zoos. A complete list can be found below. This school is amazing because of what we put into it. It is uniquely wonderful because of our community involvement and our support through PTA. Without all these unique parts, the whole would look like just any other school. Caraway is far from that. We are dedicated to the enrichment of every student in every classroom every day. Here’s how we do that:

Classroom technology and supplies
Special Activities and Field Trips for each grade
Books for classrooms and the library
Support materials to aid in classroom instruction
PE equipment, art supplies, musical instruments
Extra support for programs like TAG, PPCD and FAC
Science enrichment through Science Fair and Science in a Box
Community events like Science Night, International Festival and Family Art Night
Access to IXL, BrainPop and RAZ kids
Campus activities like Field Day, Reflections and Caraway Cares
Time Magazine for kids
Campus clubs like Chess Club, Destination Imagination, Brain Games and Math Pentathlon
Teacher training in Project Based Learning and Curriculum Wide Enrichment
At Caraway, we are dedicated to the enrichment of every student. As a school, we seek to enrich the talents and gifts of all students by using innovative curricula, differentiation of learning, and new tools and technologies. By enriching the curriculum, we can create a learning environment for our students that engages them fully and employs the whole child in the learning process. When we are successful, we will provide instruction for each and every student that is based on their own strengths and interests. When children are challenged in this way, they achieve more, their motivation increases and their self-con- fidence skyrockets. The result will be children who are excited about learning and engaged in the world around them.
To this end, we are expanding our enrichment capacity by supporting new teacher training in Project Based Learning. This program will take several years to develop and is an educational goal for RRISD. Along with this training, Principal Bailey and her teaching team will begin to search for new curricula and methods that will support a more cooperative, hands-on learning style. They will look into great resources like LEGO Robotics, Claymation, MinecraftEdu, and Maker Spaces to refine their vision for enrichment and clarify their goals. The PTA will help support this process to expand enrichment programming. We are poised and ready to breathe new life into our campus, our staff and into the lives of every child on our campus.