Duties:  Manage the Robotics Program for the Younger WeDo class.  Each year the program conducts a total of 4 classes – 2 in the Fall and 2 in the Spring.  Each class is 10 weeks in duration lasting 1 hour each.  This job typically is divided among 2-3 parents with one parent the overall coordinator.  The overall coordinator runs the registration the 2nd week of school with the help of Ms. Glicker, our program school sponsor.  He/She will also coordinate with National Instruments (NI) to obtain a commitment on NI volunteers for the year – we currently have 5 volunteers from NI.  He/She secures the room for the school year by filling out the forms with Pam in the office. 
Time Commitment:

Registration – 4-6 hours during first week of school to send out flier and receive all applications and communicate with parents

Working with team to develop program – 2-3 hours at the beginning of the year – communicating with NI and volunteers on class curriculum

Running a class – 1-2 hours each week for period of 10 week each.  The class is 1 hour long, with another 0-1 hours for set up and sending out group email if necessary that week

VP:  1st 
2016-17 chair: David Horsey