Duties: (1) Get helmet grants from participating doctor and TMA. It's a two step process of having a physician on board who grants helmets, and that grant is matched by TMA (Texas Medical Association). (2) Set up skills course, manage skills course. Usually there are four sets of bike skills. (3) Set up bike safety inspection. (Usually done by Bicycle Sports Shop or Buck's Bike.) (4) Have a helmet fitting station.  Works with Healthy Lifestyles chair.
Time Commitment:  (1) Completion of a Youth Instructor Certification (granted by Bike Austin after 45 min presentation).  (2) Online correspondence with TMA, participating doctor, and local bike shop takes about 2 hours. (3) Setting up course the night before takes about 1 hour. (4) Various duties on Bike Rodeo day takes about 4 hours.
VP:  2nd 
2017-18 chair: